Sometimes, the simplest thing we can ever imagine of is what blows our minds, and it’s just beautiful.

We are Eatalians

The Eatalians team met in Sydney, from that very moment on they naturally have built a strong friendship but more so as brothers whom had been split from childhood. The bond in between them became unbreakable with a foundation of respect and frankness, sharing the same trace of tradition, perspective and dreams.
Their stories are simple, grew up in hard working families and spent their youths opening restaurants, hustled as ambassadors and consultants, all around the world.

The team have launched Eatalians to embrace the land of Australia in their own Southern Italian way.



Culinary School



Eatalians Kangaroo Island

52 Thomas Wilson Street
Penneshaw SA 5222 Australia
T - (08) 8553 1500

We at Eatalians, engage local produces here in Kangaroo Island and South Australia, to support the community and to indulge ourselves and you all to be in touch with the flavor marriage in between Italian cuisine and Australian ingredients.

Everyone loves pizza, but how did it get started? How is it made? What is authentic, Neapolitan Pizza anyway?

Who would’ve thought, and what a pleasure!  A taste of UNESCO registered art piece to the heart of the ocean of down and under, Kangaroo Island Australia!

Eatalians World Reastaurant and Pizzeria

Eatalians Kangaroo island

52 Thomas Wilson Street
Penneshaw SA 5222 Australia
T - (08) 8553 1500

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